Fulfilment and Shipping Information

When setting up your account we will provide a list of recommended shipping costs. These are up-to-date estimates from our shipping provider so that you can make informed choices when setting your prices.

Because e-commerce stores and Bandcamp require you to set your shipping costs in advance, the exact shipping we charge back to you will not always perfectly align with the price the customer pays – they may pay a couple of dollars over here, a couple of dollars under there. You can set your shipping costs however you like, and our up-to-date estimates are there to help.

Shipping costs are subject to change and we will inform you of any increases or decreases as we learn of them, to allow you to update your charges if you wish.

Our handling fee is charged to you per parcel, and it is up to you if you wish to account for this in your overall shipping charge to customers.

Fulfilment steps
Order fulfilment involves the picking, packing and shipment of inventory. Basically, we store your product in our warehouse until your customer orders come in, then we take your items out of stock (picking), appropriately package them (packing), and send them on their way to the customer (shipping).

We then mark the order as fulfilled, which will remove it as an outstanding order in your store.

Once received, we dispatch all orders in 1-2 business days. Customers are notified of their tracking number by our shipping provider via email.

Customer communications
Aside from issuing the tracking number and any direct reply in response to the original order, all customer enquiries travel via your store's messaging set-up. We also give you access to your shipping account, so you can track the progress of your orders in real time. It's important to keep an eye on this so you can see whether a delivery's held up in transit, and take action if needed.

Damaged or missing parcels
We pack our parcels with the utmost care and consideration, and even have our own custom-built record mailers. Damages are rare, but they can happen! In the event of a missing or damaged parcel, we will assist you with the process of making a claim. The shipper may however require information that we won't have, so you will need to manage the conversation with them.

Returns and refunds
Any returns and refund requests will be covered by your store's policies and we will act in accordance with these. If you require any assistance or advice on formulating these policies, please let us know.

Last updated: 22.12.21