Direct to Fan Fulfilment

“Flying Out has been of tremendous help to us over the past year and we are incredibly grateful for the support they’ve given us in getting our music to customers across Aotearoa and around the world.” – NOA Records

 Tired of packing endless orders by yourself? Wish you had someone to help out with sending your vinyl, tees, tea towels, and socks direct to your fans? You’re in luck.

Flying Out is delighted to announce our new Direct to Fan Fulfilment service. We're providing NZ musicians with a local, experienced merch fulfilment team and service that connects with their online store, to send out records and merch directly on their behalf quickly and with care.

With over 10 years' experience, we're old hands at sending records within NZ and around the world. In fact, that’s how Flying Out was born. We care about sending records so much we’ve even created our own custom-built mailers!

We've been trialling the service with a few of our artist friends from around the motu, and now we're opening the service up to everyone. Whether it be through Bandcamp or your own webstore, we can link up and help out. Simple pricing, no fixed terms, and competitive shipping costs. What’s not to love?

  • What you’ll do:

    – Fill out the form below to get started
    – Authorise us as a fulfilment partner with your online store
    – Get your stock to us

  • What we’ll do:

    – Receive and dispatch orders on your behalf– Charge the exact shipping costs back to you + an NZD 5 fee per parcel
    – Send tracking details direct to your customer and alert you to any issues with delivery


How does this service work?

You get your stock to us, and authorise us to fulfil orders placed through your online store. MerchMe takes care of packing and sending your orders, and storing your stock.

Does this service only work with Bandcamp? What if I sell through Shopify or [X] website?

That’s cool! We can fulfil orders from the portal of your choosing, Bandcamp just happens to be the platform du jour for most of the artists we work with.

Does this service cost?

Yes. We charge an NZD 5 fee for each parcel we send (to cover packaging and labour), and the exact shipping costs. You'll be invoiced for all costs at the end of each month. There's no set-up fee.

I’m going on tour, could MerchMe look after my orders while I’m gone?

Yes! We are happy to look after your stock short- or long-term. We just need one month’s notice of the end date of our arrangement. This will allow us time to tie things up and return any surplus stock to you.

How long does it take for MerchMe to send out orders?

We process and dispatch all orders within 1-2 business days of receipt.


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